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Is document workflow slowing your firm down?

Documents are the lifeblood of any legal practice. But creating, capturing, sharing, printing, and storing all those documents can be a monumental challenge. And managing them all efficiently, so everyone can find exactly what they need the moment they need it can seem impossible. But it’s not. In fact, the solution may be simpler than you think.

Take the tour and discover how you can gain control of your documents and automate your firm’s processes. Once and for all.

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Make paper workflows a thing of the past.

A simple workflow is a successful workflow. And there’s nothing simple—or inexpensive—about managing volumes of paper. Nuance solutions are designed around digital workflows that connect systems and data across departments, locations, and business systems. These workflows streamline processes across the entire document lifecycle,making it easy for everyone in your organization to access, share and manage information—and ultimately be much more productive. Plus cross-platform compatibility allows seamless deployment into back-end systems and across MFPs, printers, desktops and mobile devices.

All the magic of PDF. At a fraction of the cost.

Documents originate in many forms. And PDFs offer a universal way to convert, edit, annotate, sign and share them all. But PDF solutions can be pricey. Nuance specializes in robust PDF technology that’s strong on function yet easy on your budget. And with built-in security like password protection and redaction, you have complete control over who can access your PDF files and what information each file contains.

Eliminate risk and reap the rewards.

Confidentiality is essential in the legal industry. Our expansive Legal Document Solutions put security first, so you can rest assured all privileged information stays privileged.

  • All scanned documents are automatically and securely delivered to the correct indexed destination.
  • No unsecured print jobs are abandoned in the MFP output tray.
  • Print output is optimized to route documents to the most cost-effective device.
  • Billable recoveries are maximized.
  • Confidential information is redacted completely — and easily
  • Electronic court filing is streamlined — and simplified.

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How effectively does your firm manage documents?

Take this short quiz to find out if Nuance Legal Document Solutions can help your firm gain control of legal documents:

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Does document processing overwhelm your team and affect your firm’s ability to support its clients?

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Does your firm struggle to find a cost-effective solution to convert, edit, search and secure PDFs?

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Is your firm inundated with hard-copy and electronic documents that need to be kept secure?

Your firm would benefit from a document solution to streamline workflows and secure data.

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Success story

Hughes Hubbard & Reed

Using Nuance Legal Document Solutions, Hughes Hubbard & Reed processes all documents within seconds and digitizes information with sorting and searching for fast storage and retrieval. Find out how this A-list law firm is improving employee productivity while providing the superior client services they are known for.

"HHR can now process all documents within seconds and digitized information allows efficient storage and retrieval. Sort, query and search is fast and easy—from desktop to device. We now have seamless integration for all paper and electronic document capture and management needs."

-Hughes, Hubbard & Reed
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Make legal document
management simple and
secure with Nuance. Really.

The 2016 ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) Technology Survey reports that Nuance solutions for cost recovery management, and document scanning and workflow, were ranked number one in deployments within their product classes among law firms and legal departments. The survey, which is the largest of its kind in the legal industry, and covers firms of all sizes and all practice areas, placed Nuance Legal Document Solutions as top performers.

When it comes to the staggering volume of documents that law firms handle, inefficiency is not an option. Without a streamlined workflow, your firm could be losing too much precious time and money, not to mention opening itself up to security risks. Talk with a legal specialist to learn which solutions will benefit your firm.

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